Welcome to the age of Private Data Protection

Personal Data of your customers is a very valuable but also vulnerable resource for your company. Everybody has the right that companies keep private data safe. We help you to protect the private data of your customers and to become compliant with all applicable data protection regulations.

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What is GDPR?

GDPR is the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union to protect private data

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The IoDPR approach supports your way to become GDPR compliant. It’s lean, customized to your needs and will save you time, costs and effort.

Full Support

IoDPR can take over the full project for you to become GDPR compliant

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Project Leadership

IoDPR can lead your project and consult in every sub-project of your company

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We can also act as a supervisor to your internal project and your project leaders

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We can execute In-House trainings for all stake holders, to reach the amount of knowledge needed in every department

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Use our top-notch technology to ensure that all private data is allocated in real time at any time in your systems

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Automize your processes for the documentation needed (Record of Processing Activities and Consent Management)

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A smart and secure way to become GDPR compliant

We follow a customer oriented step by step approach to assess your needs. This ensures that you will receive only the services and products you need to save time and costs.

How it works


Companies Supported

We have supported 45 international companies of different sizes and industries


People trained

We have trained more than 500 employees of our clients to get the knowledge needed to protect private data


Top 3 International Carmaker

Top 3 International Retailer

Top 5 European Bank

Top 5 International Softwareproducer

Top 10 German Hospital chain


IoDPR offers all products needed, to become GDPR compliant

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Since many companies create their own GDPR- projects, we offer the right consultancy in any stage of your project.

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Data protection is important for external and internal data handling. Get your employees and departments trained to ensure having the right knowledge at the right place.

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Get the maximized automated support for all documentation requirements. No long questionaires and no manual updates for existing documentation.

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IoDPR Private-Data-Handler©

Get all private data tracked through all of your systems at anytime in real-time!

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How it works?

Our step by step approach ensures that you will get the right support in the right amount at the right time!

Solving one of the industries biggest problem

All European companies or companies with business in Europe, working with private data, are heavily exposed to hefty fines, if they don’t comply with GDPR. We help to minimize that risk!

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